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    I loved meeting people to do Language-Swaps

    I loved meeting people to do Language-Swaps! I met some great people and learned a lot about French culture. There is no pressure because you are both learning so you understand about making mistakes, and you can meet at a time that suits you. I would recommend it to anyone!

    Fiona, English speaker learning French
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    I enjoyed learning about Argentinian culture

    I loved having the opportunity to participate in the Language-Swap in my study abroad at the University of Passau because I was able to practice my Spanish as well as helping someone improve their German. My partner was from Argentina so I enjoyed learning about the Argentinean culture as well as listening to a new accent. I would always do a Language-Swap again!

    Marie, German speaker learning Spanish.
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    I would definitely recommend a Language-Swap

    I participated in a Language-Swap at the Université de Tours in France. I chose to do this as it was recommended to me by a student from another university. I found that the Language-Swap was what improved my French the most out of all my classes. It was a very relaxed atmosphere which made me feel at ease whilst speaking French. It was encouraging that it was only 2 hours per week and my partner would be learning English so they knew how difficult it was learning another language. I would definitely recommend a Language-Swap to anyone who wants to quickly improve their language skills in a relaxed and casual environment.

    Mairi, English speaker learning French.